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Peanut Butter Protein Fluff

Peanut Butter Protein Fluff
Peanut Butter Protein Fluff

One of my favorite things to make when I have a lot of leftover protein macros to meet is PROTEIN FLUFF!  Protein fluff has similar ingredients to a protein shake but is much more voluminous and filling.   And when you are constantly STARVING despite eating over 2000 calories a day, you need to eat volume foods in order to help you stay full.

How is protein fluff different than a shake?  Well the answer comes down to one little ingredient: xanthan gum! Xanthan gum is a powder that is used to add thickness and volume.   It is sometimes used in shakes and drinks like frappucinos to keep them from separating.  Xanthan gum is also gluten-free so you can use it if you are sensitive to gluten.  Xanthan gum can be purchased at most grocery stores in the health or baking areas.

So now that we know what protein fluff is, let’s get down to how to make it!

Dessert is served
Dessert is served


  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder (I used Cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmallow)
  • 1 Tbsp Xanthan Gum
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk (or milk of choice)
  • 1 Cup of Ice


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender.
  2. Blend for several minutes.   You will notice at first the fluff seems like a normal shake, but it will slowly start to thicken and expand.
  3. Top with toppings of choice!  I used peanut butter, a few dark chocolate chips and 2 mini oreos that I crushed up.
Close up of this deliciousness
Close up of this deliciousness

This recipe is highly customizable!  You can change it up depending on the flavor of protein you use and the toppings you add.   Sometimes I use cake batter protein with sprinkles, or mint chocolate protein with chocolate cookies and whipped cream!

If you would like to try some of the delicious protein flavors Cellucor offers such as Corfetti, Peanut Butter Marshmallow, Mint Chocolate, Red Velvet in your protein fluff, I still have a coupon code!

My favorite protein powder Use code "Cellucorfit" for 25% off!
My favorite protein powder Use code “Cellucorfit” for 25% off!

What is IIFYM?

What is IIFYM?  What does it stand for?    How does it work?


IIFYM stands for “If It Fits Your Macros”.  It is a way of eating also known as “flexible dieting“.  This means that technically, you can eat ANY food you want if it fits your macros.


What are macros?  Macronutrients are fats, carbohydrates and protein.  ALL of which play important parts in our health.  Diets that cut out one of these groups are usually hard to sustain, unhealthy and lead to failure.  Why do we need ALL three?

  • Protein– We need protein to help preserve muscle!  Whether you want to be a bodybuilder or a regular Joe, muscles burn a lot of calories.  The more muscle you have the easier it is to lose weight.
  • Fat– Fats help us regulate our hormones.  This is important for both men and women.  People who do not get enough fat often notice negative changes in their skin, thinning hair, irregular periods, lack of sex drive, etc.  Hormones also play a big part in weight loss!
  • Carbohydrates– Carboyhdrates give our muscles glycogen which helps us work out and have energy!

Many of you may wonder what the difference is between counting macros and counting calories?  The answer there is simple.  Body composition and balance.  Counting macros ensures that you get enough of each group to preserve muscle, stay lean and have energy.   Most people who only count calories do not eat enough protein which means gaining muscle will be harder.  And the more muscle we have the easier it is to lose weight.

Though with IIFYM you can technically eat ANY foods you want and still lose weight, it is recommended for health purposes that at least 80% of your diet comes from WHOLE foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, etc .  This ensures you get the essential vitamins and nutrients for your body.

For people that have done many other diets this may sound too good to be true.  How can someone eat oreos and still have abs?  It doesn’t quite make sense when you look everywhere and see “motivational” posters telling you to “eat clean” or “put down the cookie”.

Hmmm I guess you haven't tasted good food.
Hmmm I guess you haven’t tasted good food.

I too used to have so many misconceptions about diet.  When I first decided that I wanted to lose weight I was convinced carbs were the enemy.  I did low carb for a while and was absolutely miserable.  Yes I lost weight, but I had no energy and after restricting for so long it made me want to binge on carbs any chance I could!

Ohhh that's not what it means?
Ohhh that’s not what it means?

After that I moved to clean eating.  Eating clean is great, it encourages you to eat many healthy foods that are good for your body!  However  I took it a little too far.  I got so obsessed with ONLY eating “clean” foods that it was extremely restrictive and there were very few items that I COULD eat.  I didn’t want to go out to eat with my husband or friends and was so afraid of eating anything.  I felt guilty if I had foods that were not “clean”.   On the weekends I would have my cheat days where I would go NUTS over any and all foods that I had made myself cut out on the weekends.   I was working SO hard during the week days but undoing it all during the weekends!!!

This used to be me
This used to be me

Around this time I heard about IIFYM.  I was both intrigued and amazed.  I didn’t understand how these people could eat oreos and pancakes and normal “unclean” foods and still look AMAZING.  I started to do research and read everything I could about IIFYM and the benefits.  I watched videos and talked to others on instagram who did it.  I was frustrated with my lack of progress doing clean eating, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try!

So I went to http://www.iifym.com and looked up my macros.   Macros (macro nutrients) are fat, carbohydrates and protein.   IIFYM gives you certain numbers of each that you need to meet each day based on your weight, activity level and your goals.

At first I found this challenging to hit each number.   Getting enough protein was my biggest struggle.  Most people eat a LOT of carbs and even a lot of fats but most don’t eat enough protein.   I will admit it was frustrating at first trying to figure out the numbers and make it all work.  But it was SO rewarding to eat a dessert I wanted, go get a coffee, or have a nice dinner out with NO guilt because it FIT MY MACROS!  I had planned for that treat and worked it in to my goals for the day.

Benefits I have noticed from IIFYM

  • Chronic insomnia was IMMEDIATELY cured
  • Energy went WAY up
  • Hormones were more balanced
  • Cravings and binging went down
  • Self esteem went up
  • No food related guilt
  • Amazing muscle gains
  • Hair became thicker and stronger
  • Blood test results for many issues came back healthy after being abnormal for a long time
  • I can eat much more than I used to and not gain weight

After doing it for almost a year now, I continue to love this way of eating.   I can enjoy foods that I used to avoid (in moderation!).  I feel healthy and balanced.   Obviously how you eat is a personal choice but I am constantly being asked how I can eat what I do or eat as much as I do and stay in shape.   I hope this helps to answer some of the questions.


If you’re curious I suggest doing a Google search of “IIFYM transformations”.   You will be amazed.

Protein Frappucino

Delicious.. and HEALTHY
Delicious.. and HEALTHY

Now that it is almost summer here in Alaska (yes we consider 40 degrees and sunny summer! 🙂 ) I have been craving more frozen drinks again.   I always like the idea of Starbucks frappucinos but they are just WAY too sweet for me.  Not to mention all of the fat and calories which I would rather spend on FOOD then a drink!  So I started making these protein frappucinos to get the same type of drink but a LOT healthier!



  • 1 scoop protein powder (any flavor you like!)
  • 1 cup almond milk (or other milk)
  • 1 TBSP espresso powder
  • 1/2 TBSP xanthan gum ( optional but makes it thicker like a real frappucino)
  • Stevia to taste (Optional.. I don’t use)
  • Ice cubes (6-7 small or 4-5 large)
  • Whipped cream (optional)


  1. Mix in a blender protein, ice, milk, espresso powder and xanthan gum.  If using xanthan gum mix a few extra seconds to let it fluff up the drink.
  2. Pour into fun jar or mug.
  3. Top with whipped cream!
  4. Enjoy!

This is a really simple and quick protein recipe that I like to use when I work out first thing in the morning.  Caffeine AND protein in ONE!  🙂



Grocery Staples


A big part of fitness is obviously how you eat.  Whether you do clean eating, weight watchers, paleo, calorie counting or flexible dieting,  your diet will be most of what determines your results. 
Personally I do IIFYM or If It Fits Your Macros.  This diet (more of a lifestyle) requires you to track your protein,  fat, carbs and fiber.  In order to meet my requirements I eat mostly healthy but I do enjoy non healthy splurges with NO GUILT. 

Grocery Staples
Greek yogurt
Laughing cow cheese
Feta cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Greek frozen yogurt
Almond milk (not really dairy)
Cottage cheese

Spinach or spring mix
Bell peppers
Spaghetti squash
Snap peas
Sweet potatoes
Steamable veggie bags

Cherry tomatoes
Frozen fruit

Brown rice
Dave’s Killer Bread
Ezekiel Bread
Rice cakes
Flat out wraps
Low carb wraps
Quinoa pasta

Organic chicken breasts
Organic ground turkey
Organic ground buffalo
Protein powder
Egg whites
Simple truth turkey and ham deli meat
Canned chicken

Skinny cow bars
Annie’s bunny grahams
Quest bars
Cliff bars
Simple truth bars
Lara Bars
Dark chocolate chips
Peanut butter
Simple Truth frozen pizzas
Natural fruit ropes
Zone kids bars
Boom chika pop popcorn

La Croix waters
Zevia or Blue Sky Stevia sodas

Coconut oil
Cooking spray
Organic pizza sauce
Organic low sodium tomato sauce
Flavor extracts

I don’t buy all of this every time but these are all things I buy frequently.  Hopefully this gives people an idea of some things to buy if you want to eat healthier or do IIFYM.  

These are all just ideas for anyone not sure where to start.  Hope this helps!

Note: A few of these are older pics and include non organic chicken which I try not to buy anymore if I can help it.