Easy and Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake

Hello lover

Yes I know.  Again with the cheesecake. But I love it.  And with a recipe this easy I love it even more!! 
-Small cup Fage non fat plain yogurt
-2 Tablespoons Jello Cheesecake Pudding
-1/2 Graham Cracker or 8 French Toast Flavor Goldfish crackers
-2 Strawberries

1. Mix yogurt and pudding powder. 
2.  Add mix to fill silicone baking molds.
3.  Top with graham or goldfish crumbs.
4. Freeze one hour. 
5. Pop out of molds and top with strawberry slices.
6. Devour. 

This recipe took less than 3 minutes and was very good.  Definitely the healthiest cheesecake I’ve ever had!!